Integradora, Labor y Transporte S.A. de C.V. is a Mexican Company specialized in the sector that has the Registration and Authorization of the Ministry of Economy.

Decree that promotes the organization of Integrating Enterprises

(Official Journal of the Federation May 7,1993) and its modifications (Official Journal of the Federation May 30,1995)

Authorization INADEM (Ministry of Economy)

  • Through Oficio No. E00.212.2016 dated June 24, 2016.
  • Integradora Company with the number 99-0183-09.

Constitucion of Estados Unidos Mexicanos

Articles 25, 26 inciso A, 28, 73 fracc IX, X, XXIX-D, XXIX-E y XXIX-F, 89 fracc I

Organic Law of the Federal Public Administration

Articles 26, 31, 34


All laws are applicable in relation to the specified activities carried out by the Integradora Company.

Industrial Policy and Foreign Trade Program

Published in the Official Journal of the Federation on May 31, 1996. In Chapter III, Section 3, it proposes the promotion of integrating companies, considering that the grouping of companies contributes to the integration of productive chains to improve competitiveness.

Download here the authorization document issued by the Ministry of Economy