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¿What is an Integradora Company?

It is a form of business organization that associates Mexican or foreign individuals and companies for the purpose of:

Billing, collecting, and paying on behalf of our partners

Entering contracts and business deals on behalf of our partners

Strengthen projects through the union of companies in the same field

Through the integradora we achieve the following:

Support and optimize ventures in the country.

Increase the competitiveness of small and medium-sized companies.

Lay the foundations for good management.

How it Works?

We act as a representative and mandatary for our integrated partners to sign contracts, issue invoices, make payments and any operation your business needs.

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Reduce administrative costs and quickly operate any business with professional support from a digital platform.

  • Startups

    Legal security and transparency. Learn how to manage your business and increase cash flow.

  • SMEs

    Solutions for a better administrative structure, increase the productivity of your resources.

  • Foreigners

    Open operations in Mexico in 48 hours, simplify government procedures.

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Perform all your operations from our digital platform

Use our web platform on your computer or mobile to generate bills and collections referenced to your customers.

  • Payment to suppliers
  • Expense and gasoline wallet
  • Withdrawals and more...
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